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High Power Green Fiber Laser - VPFL-G-10 has the following features: Wavelength is 532 nm, Average Output Power is 10 W, Repetition Rate is between 50 kHz and 700 kHz, Pulse WIdth is between 1 ns and 20 ns, and more.


  • Center Wavelength is 532 nm
  • Average Power is 10 W
  • Repetition Rate is 50 kHz - 700 kHz
  • Pulse Energy is 100 uJ
  • Pulse Width is 1 ns - 20 ns
  • Peak Power is 10 kW
  • Linewidth is 50 GHz
  • Crystal or Fiber is Yb Fiber Laser

Comparison table

This table shows products at the same center wavelength, including by other manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
MPB Communications2RU-VFL-P-1000…532 nm2000 mW--
NewportQuasar 532-75532 nm75 W1.7 MHz100 ns
OnefiveKatana–05HP532 nm5 W100 MHz1000 ps
OnefiveKatana–05 XP532 nm3.3 W1 MHz50 ps
OnefiveKatana–05532 nm50 mW100 MHz1000 ps
V-GenVCFL-G-5532 nm5 W--
V-GenVPFL-G-20532 nm20 W700 kHz20 ns
PassatCOMPILER 532 nm532 nm +/-0.1 nm180 mW400 Hz7 ps
PassatNaples Compact…532 nm +/-0.1 nm140 mW500 Hz6 ns