V-Gen Ltd.

: 120 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv , , 67443
: 1998
: 48
: 972 3 575 5756
: 972 3 529 9707

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Lasers of V-Gen Ltd. are listed below.

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
VCFL-G-5532 nm5 W--
VPFL-G-20532 nm20 W700 kHz20 ns
VPFL-G-10532 nm10 W700 kHz20 ns
VPFL-PSG-201080 nm20 W1000 kHz300 ns
VPFL-ISP-1-40-501080 nm50 W1000 kHz300 ns
VPFL-ISP-1-40-301080 nm30 W1000 kHz100 ns
VPFL-ISP-1-201080 nm20 W1000 kHz100 ns
VPFL-ISP-201080 nm20 W1000 kHz100 ns
VPFL-ISP-101080 nm10 W1000 kHz100 ns
VPFL-HE-1001080 nm100 W140 kHz125 ns
VPFL-HE-751080 nm75 W140 kHz125 ns
VPFL-HE-501080 nm50 W100 kHz125 ns
VPFL-HE-301080 nm30 W100 kHz125 ns
VPFL-301080 nm30 W100 kHz125 ns
VPFL-201080 nm20 W100 kHz125 ns

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