Newport Corporation

: 1791 Deere Avenue, Irvine, CA, 92606
: 1969
: 1 877 835 9620
: 1 949 253 1680

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Quasar 355-45355 nm45 W1.7 MHz100 ns
Quasar 355-60355 nm60 W3.5 MHz100 ns
Quasar 532-75532 nm75 W1.7 MHz100 ns
3950-15HP1000 nm2.9 W80 MHz100 ps
3960C-15HP1000 nm2.9 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-10HP1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3960C-10HP1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-X1BB1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-X1BB1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-X1S850 nm1.3 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-X1S (ps)850 nm1.3 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-M1S850 nm1 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-M1S (ps)850 nm1 W80 MHz100 ps

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