Onefive GmbH

: In Boeden 139, , Zurich, CH-8046
: 2005
: 41 43 538 3657
: 41 43 538 3686

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Origami–05535 nm100 mW1.3 GHz230 fs
Origami–101070 nm250 mW1.3 GHz400 fs
Origami–05HP520 nm1.5 W200 MHz200 fs
Origami–10HP1040 nm3 W200 MHz200 fs
Origami–10XP1030 nm4 W1 MHz400 fs
Genki–10 HP ND1064 nm3 W250 MHz15 ps
Genki–10 HP YB1064 nm20 W100 MHz45 ps
Katana–101064 nm500 mW100 MHz1000 ps
Katana–02HP266 nm500 mW100 MHz1000 ps
Katana–03HP355 nm2 W100 MHz1000 ps
Katana–05HP532 nm5 W100 MHz1000 ps
Katana–10HP 1064 nm20 W100 MHz1000 ps
Katana–02 XP266 nm500 mW1 MHz50 ps
Katana–03 XP355 nm1.8 W1 MHz50 ps
Katana–05 XP532 nm3.3 W1 MHz50 ps

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