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IPG Photonics Corporation

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
YLM-QCW1070 nm400 W--
YLM-QCW-MM1070 nm400 W--
YLR-xx1070 nm500 W--
YLR-xxx1070 nm500 W--
YLR-xxxx1075 nm +/-5 nm50 W--
ELR-1/5/10/20/30/501620 nm20 W--
TLR-xx-LP2050 nm30 W--
TLR-10/30/50/100/120/…2050 nm50 W--
TLR-100/2002050 nm200 W--
DLR-976-100/300/600/1…980 nm100 W--
TLM-10/30/50/100/1202050 nm30 W--
TLM-100/1202050 nm120 W--
GLR-XX532 nm20 W--
GLPN-1-xx-M532 nm10 W600 kHz1.3 ns
GLPN-xxx-1-xxx-R532 nm30 W250 kHz1.3 ns
YLPP-1-150x5000-501070 nm20 W50 kHz100 ns
YLPP-301075 nm200 W50 kHz400 ns
CLT-SF2600 nm5000 mW--
CLPF-2400-10-100-12600 nm1 W200 MHz150 fs