Time-Bandwidth Products AG

: Rutistr. 12, Schlieren, Zurich, CH-8952
: 1994
: 41 44 445 31 20
: 41 44 445 31 21

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Lasers of Time-Bandwidth Products AG are listed below.

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Lynx (1064nm)1064 nm1 W350 MHz8 ps
Lynx (1053nm)1053 nm1 W350 MHz8 ps
Lynx (1342nm)1342 nm1 W350 MHz8 ps
Jaguar-QCW (1053)1053 nm-100 Hz12 ps
Duetto1064 nm15 W8 MHz12 ps
PicoBlade1064 nm50 W8 MHz10 ps
Duettino1064 nm5 W8 MHz12 ps
Lynx (1047nm)1047 nm1 W350 MHz8 ps
Cheetah-X1064 nm10 W400 MHz10 ps
Argos1064 nm45 W100 MHz15 ps
Pallas-LP860 nm150 mW120 MHz100 ps
Pallas-HP860 nm800 mW120 MHz100 ps
Ybix1040 nm2.5 W80 MHz180 fs
GE-100(1064, 1053, 10…1342 nm1 W2.5 GHz7 ps
Cougar1064 nm10 W400 MHz10 ps

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