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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
LightWire FP101064 nm +/-0.3 nm3 mW30 MHz6 ps
LightWire FP1001064 nm +/-0.3 nm60 mW30 MHz6 ps

FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
INTEGRAL core PRO800 nm +/-10 nm100 mW300 MHz10 fs
INTEGRAL core 20800 nm +/-10 nm150 mW300 MHz20 fs
INTEGRAL core 50800 nm +/-10 nm200 mW300 MHz50 fs
INTEGRAL core OCT800 nm +/-10 nm30 mW300 MHz-
fusion PRO800 mW75 MHz10 fs
fusion 201200 mW75 MHz20 fs
fusion M11000 mW75 MHz10 fs
fusion XPRO800 mW75 MHz9 fs
fusion BB800 mW75 MHz9 fs
fusion XBB300 mW75 MHz9 fs
XL 1000.5 W5.1 MHz50 fs
XL 2001 W5.1 MHz50 fs
XL 3001.5 W5.1 MHz50 fs
XL 5002.5 W5.1 MHz50 fs
XL 6502.6 W4 MHz50 fs
PRO500 mW-10 fs
PRO HP800 mW-10 fs
M11000 mW-10 fs
20500 mW-20 fs
20 HP1000 mW-20 fs
20 UHP1200 mW-20 fs
twin synergy PRO500 mW-10 fs
twin synergy 20500 mW-20 fs
rainbow300 mW-6 fs
rainbow HP400 mW-7 fs
rainbow UHP500 mW-7 fs
rainbow DFG200 mW--
rainbow CEP450 mW-7 fs
PRO1000 mW-10 fs
201200 mW-20 fs
501200 mW-50 fs
100800 nm1500 mW80 MHz100 fs

Fianium Ltd.

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
FP1060-101064 nm10 W100 MHz20 ps
FP1060-201064 nm20 W100 MHz20 ps
FP532-1532 nm1 W40 MHz20 ps
FP532-5532 nm5 W100 MHz20 ps
FP1060-5-fs1064 nm5 W80 MHz300 fs
FP1060-2-fs1064 nm2 W80 MHz300 fs
FP1060-1-fs1064 nm1 W80 MHz300 fs
FP532-1-fs532 nm1 W80 MHz300 fs
HE1060-10uJ1064 nm5 W500 kHz5 ps
HE532-5uJ532 nm2.5 W500 kHz5 ps
HE1060-2uJ-fs1064 nm2 W1 MHz500 fs
HE532-1uJ-fs532 nm1 W1 MHz500 fs
HYLASE-81064 nm8 W40 MHz15 ps
HYLASE-8-SHG1064 nm4 W40 MHz15 ps
HYLASE-251064 nm25 W40 MHz15 ps
HYLASE-25-SHG1064 nm10 W40 MHz15 ps