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MPB Communications Inc.

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Ytterbium Micro Fiber…1120 nm3 W--
MLFL-P Series1100 nm20 mW100 MHz-

neoLASE GmbH

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Picosecond MOPA (Gain…1064 nm30 W20 MHz70 ps
Picosecond MOPA (Mode…1064 nm30 W20 MHz15 ps
Picosecond MOPA1064 nm30 W20 MHz60 ps
Nanosecond MOPA (1ns)1064 nm35 W9.6 kHz1 ns
Nanosecond MOPA (10-1…1064 nm35 W50 kHz15 ns
Nanosecond MOPA1064 nm35 W1 MHz100 ns

Newport Corporation

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Quasar 355-45355 nm45 W1.7 MHz100 ns
Quasar 355-60355 nm60 W3.5 MHz100 ns
Quasar 532-75532 nm75 W1.7 MHz100 ns
3950-15HP1000 nm2.9 W80 MHz100 ps
3960C-15HP1000 nm2.9 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-10HP1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3960C-10HP1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-X1BB1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-X1BB1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-X1S850 nm1.3 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-X1S (ps)850 nm1.3 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-M1S850 nm1 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-M1S (ps)850 nm1 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-X1X1080 nm0.25 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-X1X (ps)1080 nm0.25 W80 MHz100 ps
3960C-25XP1080 nm4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941C-25XP1080 nm4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941C-15HP1080 nm2.7 W80 MHz100 fs
3960-10HP1050 nm1.4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-10HP1050 nm1.4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941C-10HP1050 nm1.4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-X1BB1000 nm1.4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 fs
3960-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-X1S (fs)850 nm1.1 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-X1S850 nm1.1 W80 MHz100 fs
3960-M1S (fs)850 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-M1S850 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 fs
3960-X1X (fs)1080 nm0.25 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-X1X1080 nm0.25 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-30-X1S820 nm750 mW80 MHz30 fs
3941-30-M1S820 nm400 mW80 MHz30 fs
3960-X1S-USP850 nm900 mW80 MHz50 fs
3941-X1S-USP850 nm900 mW80 MHz50 fs
3960-M1S-USP850 nm500 mW80 MHz50 fs
3941-M1S-USP850 nm500 mW80 MHz50 fs
Mai Tai HP1040 nm2.5 W80 MHz100 fs
Mai Tai BB990 nm1.5 W80 MHz80 fs
Mai Tai XF950 nm1.5 W80 MHz80 fs
Mai Tai XF-1920 nm900 mW80 MHz70 fs