720 nm - 850 nm 500 mW Ti:Sapphire Laser  « 3960-M1S-USP »

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Low Power NIR Ti:Sapphire Laser - 3960-M1S-USP has the following features: Wavelength is between 720 nm and 850 nm, Average Output Power is 500 mW, Repetition Rate is 80 MHz, Pulse WIdth is 50 fs, and more.


  • Center Wavelength is 720 nm - 850 nm
  • Average Power is 500 mW +/- 5 %
  • Repetition Rate is 80 MHz
  • Pulse Energy is 6 nJ
  • Pulse Width is 50 fs
  • Laser Type is Ti:Sapphire Laser

Comparison table

This table shows products at the same center wavelength, including by other manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Newport3950-X1S850 nm1.3 W80 MHz100 ps
Newport3960-X1S (ps)850 nm1.3 W80 MHz100 ps
Newport3950-M1S850 nm1 W80 MHz100 ps
Newport3960-M1S (ps)850 nm1 W80 MHz100 ps
Newport3960-X1S (fs)850 nm1.1 W80 MHz100 fs
Newport3941-X1S850 nm1.1 W80 MHz100 fs
Newport3960-M1S (fs)850 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 fs
Newport3941-M1S850 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 fs
Newport3960-X1S-USP850 nm900 mW80 MHz50 fs
Newport3941-X1S-USP850 nm900 mW80 MHz50 fs