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Low Power Ti:Sapphire Laser - rainbow has the following features: Average Output Power is 300 mW, Pulse WIdth is 6 fs, and more.


  • Average Power is 300 mW +/- 1 %
  • Pulse Energy is 4 nJ
  • Pulse Width is 6 fs
  • Peak Power is 580 kW
  • Spectral Bandwidth is 300 nm
  • Laser Type is Ti:Sapphire Laser

Comparison table

This table shows products at the same center wavelength, including by other manufacturers.
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Manufacturer Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
MPB Communications2RU-VFL-P-500/…670 nm1000 mW--
MPB CommunicationsYFL-P-10/20-11…1120 nm +/-0.5 nm20 W--
MPB CommunicationsYtterbium Micr…1120 nm3 W--
MPB CommunicationsMLFL-P Series1100 nm20 mW100 MHz-
neoLASEPicosecond MOP…1064 nm30 W20 MHz70 ps
neoLASEPicosecond MOP…1064 nm30 W20 MHz15 ps
neoLASEPicosecond MOPA1064 nm30 W20 MHz60 ps
neoLASENanosecond MOP…1064 nm35 W9.6 kHz1 ns
neoLASENanosecond MOP…1064 nm35 W50 kHz15 ns
neoLASENanosecond MOPA1064 nm35 W1 MHz100 ns