Calmar Laser

: 951 Commercial Street, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA
: 1996
: 30
: 1 650 272 6980
: 1 650 272 6988

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Lasers of Calmar Laser are listed below.

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
FLCPA-01U1030 nm +/-5 nm3.6 W1000 kHz0.5 ps
FPL-03UFF01065 nm400 mW40 MHz6 ps
FPL-05U 1030 nm5 W20 MHz0.5 ps
FPLNB-03UFF1064 nm100 mW30 MHz20 ps
FLCPA-05U1550 nm1 W10 MHz0.5 ps
FPL-03RFF0/FPL-02RFF0…780 nm50 mW50 MHz0.5 ps
FPL-M2RFF780 nm15 mW50 MHz0.1 ps
FPL-01CAF1550 nm1 mW20 MHz0.5 ps
FPL-M2CFF/FPL-M3CFF/F…1565 nm20 mW20 MHz5 ps
FPL-05C1550 nm1 W20 MHz0.3 ps
FPL-02CAT1560 nm4 mW20 MHz0.5 ps
FPL-03CCF/FPL-03CCFPM1550 nm20 mW20 MHz0.1 ps
FPL-01UFF / FPL-01UFT1065 nm1 mW40 MHz10 ps
FPL-02UFF / FPL-02UFT1065 nm20 mW40 MHz10 ps
PSL-10-1T / PSL-10-2T…1565 nm20 mW20 GHz6 ps

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