PolarOnyx, Inc.

: 2526 Qume Dr., Stes. 17&18, San Jose, CA, 95131
: 2002
: 20
: 1 408 573 0930
: 1 408 573 0932

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Jupiter (1064nm)1100 nm20 W1000 kHz200 ns
Jupiter (1550nm)1550 nm5 W1000 kHz200 ns
Neptune1565 nm30 dBm--
Mars (1030/1064nm)1064 nm20 W--
Mars (1550nm)1550 nm20 W--
Mars (2000nm)2000 nm20 W--
Nova (1550nm)1610 nm15 dBm--
Nova (1um)1090 nm10 mW--
Nova (700-1000nm)1000 nm-100 MHz-
Nova (1550-1950nm)1950 nm-100 MHz-
Uranus(1um High Energ…1065 nm-5 MHz800 fs
Uranus(1.5um High Ene…1600 nm-5 MHz800 fs
Uranus(2um High Energ…2050 nm-5 MHz800 fs
Nova (1.5um)1610 nm10 mW--
Pluto(1550nm)2100 nm1000 mW300 MHz10 ps

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