PolarOnyx, Inc.

: 2526 Qume Dr., Stes. 17&18, San Jose, CA, 95131
: 2002
: 20
: 1 408 573 0930
: 1 408 573 0932

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Uranus(1um)1064 nm50 W200 MHz500 fs
Mercury(1um)1080 nm200 mW200 MHz200 fs
Saturn(1um High Energ…1030 nm-5 MHz500 ps
Uranus(1.5um)1600 nm5 W300 MHz500 fs
Uranus(2um)2000 nm5 W300 MHz500 fs
Mercury(1.5um)1600 nm200 mW200 MHz200 fs
Mercury(2um)2050 nm200 mW200 MHz200 fs
Mercury (780nm SHG)810 nm500 mW300 MHz200 fs
Mercury (515/532nm SH…535 nm1000 mW200 MHz200 fs
Saturn(1um High Power)1064 nm100 W200 MHz500 ps
Saturn(1.5um High Pow…1600 nm10 W300 MHz500 ps
Saturn(2um High Power)2000 nm10 W300 MHz500 ps
Saturn(1.5um High Ene…1550 nm-5 MHz500 ps
Saturn(2um High Energ…2000 nm-5 MHz500 ps
Pluto2400 nm5 W1200 MHz10 ps

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