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Menlo Systems GmbH

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
M-Comb 1560 nm18 mW250 MHz90 fs
T-Light1560 nm +/-20 nm120 mW100 MHz90 fs
T-Light FC1560 nm +/-20 nm100 mW100 MHz90 fs
ORANGE1040 nm +/-10 nm40 mW100 MHz150 fs
C-Fiber 780780 nm +/-10 nm100 mW100 MHz120 fs
C-Fiber 780 HIGH POWER780 nm +/-10 nm180 mW100 MHz120 fs
BlueCut OEM SEED1070 nm-10 MHz-
orange one1121 nm +/-0.1 nm4 W--

Nuphoton Technologies, Inc.

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
YDFL-CW-1064-100-10-L…1064 nm10 W--
YDFL-Nano-1064-3-20-2…1064 nm2 W-4 ps
YDFL-Nano-1064-4-120-…1064 nm6 W1000 kHz4 ns
YDFL-Nano-1064-1.5-20…1064 nm +/-0.6 nm10 W1000 kHz1.5 ns
YDFL-1030-800-35-1-FCA1030 nm0.7 mW50 MHz880 fs
YDFL-1030-880-35-1-FCA1030 nm4 mW50 MHz880 fs
YDFL-1064-330-35-1-FCA1030 nm4 mW50 MHz330 fs
YDFL-Nano-20-Coll1060 nm20 W250 kHz100 ns
EDFL-CW-1550-100-10-L…1550 nm10 W--
EDFL-Pico-1560-20-50-…1560 nm6 mW50 MHz20 ps
EDFL-Nano-1550-20-2-F…1550 nm50 mW-20 ns
EDFL-Nano-1558-3-30-2…1558 nm2 W1000 kHz2.5 ns
EDFL-Nano-1550-3-75-5…1550 nm5 W1000 kHz4 ns
EDFL-Nano-1560-1.5-80…1560 nm10 W1000 kHz1.5 ns
EDFL-Nano-1550-0.75-3…1550 nm600 mW1000 kHz0.75 ns
GL-200mW532 nm200 W100 kHz2 ns

Newport Corporation

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Quasar 355-45355 nm45 W1.7 MHz100 ns
Quasar 355-60355 nm60 W3.5 MHz100 ns
Quasar 532-75532 nm75 W1.7 MHz100 ns
3950-15HP1000 nm2.9 W80 MHz100 ps
3960C-15HP1000 nm2.9 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-10HP1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3960C-10HP1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-X1BB1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-X1BB1000 nm1.5 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-X1S850 nm1.3 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-X1S (ps)850 nm1.3 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-M1S850 nm1 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-M1S (ps)850 nm1 W80 MHz100 ps
3950-X1X1080 nm0.25 W80 MHz100 ps
3960-X1X (ps)1080 nm0.25 W80 MHz100 ps
3960C-25XP1080 nm4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941C-25XP1080 nm4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941C-15HP1080 nm2.7 W80 MHz100 fs
3960-10HP1050 nm1.4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-10HP1050 nm1.4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941C-10HP1050 nm1.4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-X1BB1000 nm1.4 W80 MHz100 fs
3941-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 fs
3960-M1BB980 nm0.7 W80 MHz100 ps