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EOLITE Systems

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
BOREAS IR401030 nm40 W150 kHz15 ns
BOREAS IR801030 nm80 W200 kHz15 ns
BOREAS IR1501030 nm150 W250 kHz20 ns
BOREAS IR2501030 nm250 W250 kHz20 ns
BOREAS G15515 nm15 W150 kHz12 ns
BOREAS G30515 nm30 W200 kHz12 ns
BOREAS G60515 nm60 W250 kHz20 ns
BOREAS G120515 nm100 W250 kHz20 ns
BOREAS UV7343 nm7 W100 kHz12 ns
BOREAS UV14343 nm14 W200 kHz12 ns
OCTOPUS IR7x41030 nm7 W150 kHz15 ns
OCTOPUS IR7x81030 nm7 W300 kHz15 ns
OCTOPUS G3x4515 nm3 W150 kHz12 ns
OCTOPUS G3x8515 nm3 W300 kHz12 ns

Fibotec Fiberoptics GmbH

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
FL-Er 23 C1P FCA M011565 nm23 dBm20 kHz50 ns

FiberLAST Inc.

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
FLAST-Precision 5W1060 nm +/-2 nm5 W30 kHz55 ps
FLAST-Precision 10W1060 nm +/-2 nm10 W30 kHz52.5 ps
FLAST-Precision 15W1060 nm +/-2 nm15 W30 kHz50 ps
FLAST-Precision Glass1035 nm +/-5 nm2 W200 kHz0.3 ps

FORC - Photonics

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
FemtoMaster1060-0.11064 nm100 mW100 MHz10 ps
FemtoPower 1060-1-fs1064 nm1 W100 MHz300 fs
FemtoPower 1060-2-fs1064 nm2 W100 MHz300 fs
FemtoPower 1060-5-fs1064 nm5 W100 MHz300 fs
FemtoMaster1060-0.011064 nm10 mW100 MHz6 ps

MPB Communications Inc.

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
EBS-xs20 dBm--
2RU-VFL-P-200/300-488 488 nm300 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/1000-51…514 nm1000 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…532 nm1000 mW--
2RU-VFL-P-1000/1500/2…532 nm2000 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…542 nm1000 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…546 nm1000 mW--
2RU-VFL-P-1000/1500-5…546 nm1500 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…560 nm1000 mW--
2RU-VFL-P-500/1000/15…560 nm2000 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…570 nm1000 mW--
2RU-VFL-P-1000/1500-5…570 nm1500 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…580 nm1000 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…589 nm1000 mW--
FL-P-200/300/500/1000…592 nm1000 mW--
2RU-VFL-P-10001500/20…592 nm2000 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…620 nm1000 mW--
2RU-VFL-P-1000/1500-6…620 nm1500 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…628 nm1000 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500/100…642 nm1000 mW--
2RU-VFL-P-500/1000/15…642 nm2000 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500-647647 nm500 mW--
2RU-VFL-P-200/300/100…647 nm1500 mW--
VFL-P-200/300/500-670670 nm500 mW--
2RU-VFL-P-500/1000-670670 nm1000 mW--
YFL-P-10/20-1120 1120 nm +/-0.5 nm20 W--