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Onefive GmbH

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Katana–02 XP266 nm500 mW1 MHz50 ps
Katana–03 XP355 nm1.8 W1 MHz50 ps
Katana–05 XP532 nm3.3 W1 MHz50 ps
Katana–10 XP1064 nm6 W1 MHz50 ps
Origami–08785 nm30 mW1.3 GHz200 fs
Origami–151586 nm120 mW1.3 GHz500 fs
Origami–171700 nm50 mW1.3 GHz300 fs
Origami–08HP820 nm300 mW200 MHz100 fs
Genki–101064 nm50 mW10 GHz15 ps
Genki–151575 nm150 mW10 GHz5 ps
Katana–05532 nm50 mW100 MHz1000 ps
Katana–08775 nm50 mW100 MHz1000 ps
Katana–151550 nm500 mW100 MHz1000 ps
Katana–08HP 775 nm3 W100 MHz1000 ps
Katana–15HP1550 nm7 W100 MHz1000 ps

Optical Comb, Inc.

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
LS-58011552.462162 nm +/-0.0000015 nm30 mW--
LS-51011552.462162 nm +/-0.0000015 nm30 mW--
LT-5001N1600 nm30 mW--

V-Gen Ltd.

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
VCFL-G-5532 nm5 W--
VPFL-G-20532 nm20 W700 kHz20 ns
VPFL-G-10532 nm10 W700 kHz20 ns
VPFL-PSG-201080 nm20 W1000 kHz300 ns
VPFL-ISP-1-40-501080 nm50 W1000 kHz300 ns
VPFL-ISP-1-40-301080 nm30 W1000 kHz100 ns
VPFL-ISP-1-201080 nm20 W1000 kHz100 ns
VPFL-ISP-201080 nm20 W1000 kHz100 ns
VPFL-ISP-101080 nm10 W1000 kHz100 ns
VPFL-HE-1001080 nm100 W140 kHz125 ns
VPFL-HE-751080 nm75 W140 kHz125 ns
VPFL-HE-501080 nm50 W100 kHz125 ns
VPFL-HE-301080 nm30 W100 kHz125 ns
VPFL-301080 nm30 W100 kHz125 ns
VPFL-201080 nm20 W100 kHz125 ns
VPFL-101080 nm10 W100 kHz125 ns
VCFL-301070 nm30 W--
VCFL-201070 nm20 W--
VCFL-101070 nm10 W--
VCFL-T-202100 nm20 W--
VCFL-T-102100 nm10 W--
VPFL-SPNL-40-201064 nm20 W700 kHz3 ns
VPFL-SPNL-40-101064 nm10 W700 kHz3 ns
VPFL-SPNL-25-201064 nm20 W700 kHz3 ns
VPFL-SPNL-25-101064 nm10 W700 kHz3 ns
VPFL-SPNL-15-101064 nm10 W700 kHz3 ns
VPFL-SP-15-101064 nm10 W700 kHz3 ns
VPFL-SP-101064 nm10 W200 kHz50 ns
VPFL-ESP-51550 nm +/-2 nm5 W700 kHz50 ns
VPFL-ESP-21550 nm +/-2 nm2 W700 kHz50 ns
VPFL-UV-5355 nm +/-1 nm5 W700 kHz20 ns


Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
femtoTrain1040 nm +/-8 nm3.5 W10 MHz370 fs