EOLITE Systems

: 11 Avenue Canteranne, 33 600 PESSAC
: 33 5 56 46 45 50
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Selection from laser of EOLITE Systems

Lasers of EOLITE Systems are listed below.

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
HEGOA IR30-50P1030 nm30 W3 MHz50 ps
HEGOA IR60-50P1030 nm60 W3 MHz50 ps
HEGOA G15-50P515 nm15 W3 MHz50 ps
HEGOA G30-50P515 nm30 W3 MHz50 ps
HEGOA UV7-50P343 nm7 W3 MHz50 ps
HEGOA UV15-50P343 nm15 W3 MHz50 ps
SIROCCO IR1001030 nm100 W110 MHz30 ps
SIROCCO IR501030 nm50 W110 MHz30 ps
BOREAS IR401030 nm40 W150 kHz15 ns
BOREAS IR801030 nm80 W200 kHz15 ns
BOREAS IR1501030 nm150 W250 kHz20 ns
BOREAS IR2501030 nm250 W250 kHz20 ns
BOREAS G15515 nm15 W150 kHz12 ns
BOREAS G30515 nm30 W200 kHz12 ns
BOREAS G60515 nm60 W250 kHz20 ns

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