Fianium Ltd.

: 858 W Park St., Eugene, OR, 97401
: 2003
: 1 541 343 6767
: 1 541 343 1838

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Lasers of Fianium Ltd. are listed below.

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
HYLASE-25-SHG1064 nm10 W40 MHz15 ps
WhiteLase micro2000 nm200 mW20 MHz6 ps
FP1060-0.01-PP1064 nm10 mW2 MHz20 ps
WL-SC400-62400 nm6 W60 MHz6 ps
ALP-710-745-SC2000 nm1 W20 MHz100 ps
WL-SC400-42400 nm4 W40 MHz6 ps
WL-SC400-22400 nm2 W20 MHz6 ps
WL-SCUV-32400 nm3 W40 MHz6 ps
WL-SCUV-1.52400 nm1.5 W20 MHz6 ps
ALP-710-745-SC745 nm400 mW20 MHz100 ps

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