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: 1997
: 400
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Selection from laser of 3SPGroup

Lasers of 3SPGroup are listed below.

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
ML1/ML5-CW-R-TKS1080 nm5 W--
ML10-CW-R-TKS1080 nm10 W--
ML20-CW-R-TKS1080 nm20 W--
ML30-CW-R-TKS1080 nm30 W--
ML50/ML100-CW-R-TKS1080 nm100 W--
ML1/ML5-CW-P-TKS1080 nm5 W--
ML10-CW-P-TKS1080 nm10 W--
ML20-CW-P-TKS1080 nm20 W--
ML30-CW-P-TKS1080 nm30 W--
ML50/ML100-CW-P-TKS1080 nm100 W--
ML1/ML5-CW-R-OEM1080 nm5 W--
ML10-CW-R-OEM1080 nm10 W--
ML20-CW-R-OEM1080 nm20 W--
ML30-CW-R-OEM1080 nm30 W--
ML50/ML100-CW-R-OEM1080 nm100 W--

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