1. Laser Selection is one of Kokyo Inc.'s Laser-related websites, focused on laser oscillators.
    It provides you with worldwide manufactures and product information. Global product search is available by
    laser type, spectrum range, output and pulse energy. Sales activity is also possible by posting your products advertisement on website.
  2. This manual explains how to use Laser Selection. The following functions are possible by using the site:
    1. Setting Manufacturer Information: enables posting or renewing company information (including contact details).
    2. Manage Product Series: enables registering products of the same category.
    3. Manage Products: enables registering products (including website and products characters)
  3. Detailed usage methods are described as below to utilize Laser Selection successfully.

Explanation on each item

  1. Login: To access the various functions of Laser Selection.
  2. Confirmation and update of company’s information
    1. Management: allows you to reach Management Menu on the site.
    2. Setting Manufacturer Information: allows you to register or update company’s information.
  3. Manage Product: For use of the items as described below:
    1. Advanced Search: enables products search
    2. Create Product: enables posting new products information
    3. View: enables browsing registered products information.
    4. Update: enables renewing registered products information.
    5. Delete: enables removing registered products information.

A. Login

  1. Go to Laser Selection Top Page to reach our web site.


  2. Click "Login" in the right screen. The following window should appear:

    Login Form

  3. Enter "E-Mail", "Password" in the screen and click "Login".

B. Confirmation and update of company information

Click "Management" in the top right of the screen. The following window should appear:


  1. Select and click "Setting Manufacturer Information".
  2. Select Setting Manufacturer Information

  3. Select "Setting Manufacturer Information"and enter the following data:

    Setting Manufacturer Information

    1. Manufacturer name:
    2. Brand Logo: For Logo change, click the logo image. Select what is indicated on site and click "Upload".
    3. Country name: Just capital letter input will help to reach formal country name.
    4. Location: Enter company's head office location.
    5. Latitude/Longitude: Press "Set by Location" button after inputting Location details.
    6. Phone and Fax: Enter numbers with country code.
    7. Site: Enter company's web site URL address starting with "http://".
    8. Infomail:
    9. Established:
    10. Employees:
    11. Description:
  4. To change user information, select and click "Setting Manufacturer Information". Enter "E-mail", "Password" and click "Save" to update the information.

    Change User Information

C. Manage Products

  1. Click "Manage Product".

    Manage Product

    1. To use the Advanced Search:
      Search by "Publish", "Product ID", "Product Family", or "Model". Enter any of above and click "Advanced Search".
    2. Create Product:
      Select and click "Create Product".

      Create Product

      Create Product Publish

    3. Information Browse: View (in the right screen)
      indicates detailed information.
    4. Update: Update (in the right screen)
      This function enables you to update information on the website.
      Select the "Save" button after "Model", "Image URL", "Data sheet URL (PDF)", "Site URL (web-site)", "Description" data input. "Update feature" will update information / data on screen.

      Create Product Publish

    5. Copy:
      "Copy" button will copy information / data on screen and help effectively make the revision.
    6. Delete: Delete (in the right screen)
      This function will delete the information from the screen.

      Create Product Publish

  2. Select and enter the following information:
    1. Model
    2. Image URL: For Logo change, click the logo image. Select what is indicated on site and click "Upload".
    3. Data sheet URL: Input PDF data sheet URL starting with "http://"\
    4. Site URL: starting with "http://"
    5. Description
    6. Publish button: will release the information to the public if checked.
    7. Create button: will lead to Feature screen.
    8. Save button: will register input data.
    9. Feature screen

      Create Product Publish

    10. Make selection on each item ("Type", "Wavelength", "Output", "Pulse", "Beam", "Polarization"). Depending on the item, unit selection is needed and click "Save" to register information.