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FEMTOLASERS Produktions GmbH

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
XL 6502.6 W4 MHz50 fs
PRO500 mW-10 fs
PRO HP800 mW-10 fs
M11000 mW-10 fs
20500 mW-20 fs
20 HP1000 mW-20 fs
20 UHP1200 mW-20 fs
twin synergy PRO500 mW-10 fs
twin synergy 20500 mW-20 fs
rainbow300 mW-6 fs
rainbow HP400 mW-7 fs
rainbow UHP500 mW-7 fs
rainbow DFG200 mW--
rainbow CEP450 mW-7 fs
PRO1000 mW-10 fs
201200 mW-20 fs
501200 mW-50 fs
100800 nm1500 mW80 MHz100 fs

Fianium Ltd.

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
FP1060-101064 nm10 W100 MHz20 ps
FP1060-201064 nm20 W100 MHz20 ps
FP532-1532 nm1 W40 MHz20 ps
FP532-5532 nm5 W100 MHz20 ps
FP1060-5-fs1064 nm5 W80 MHz300 fs
FP1060-2-fs1064 nm2 W80 MHz300 fs
FP1060-1-fs1064 nm1 W80 MHz300 fs
FP532-1-fs532 nm1 W80 MHz300 fs
HE1060-10uJ1064 nm5 W500 kHz5 ps
HE532-5uJ532 nm2.5 W500 kHz5 ps
HE1060-2uJ-fs1064 nm2 W1 MHz500 fs
HE532-1uJ-fs532 nm1 W1 MHz500 fs
HYLASE-81064 nm8 W40 MHz15 ps
HYLASE-8-SHG1064 nm4 W40 MHz15 ps
HYLASE-251064 nm25 W40 MHz15 ps
HYLASE-25-SHG1064 nm10 W40 MHz15 ps
WhiteLase micro2000 nm200 mW20 MHz6 ps
FP1060-0.01-PP1064 nm10 mW2 MHz20 ps
WL-SC400-62400 nm6 W60 MHz6 ps
ALP-710-745-SC2000 nm1 W20 MHz100 ps
WL-SC400-42400 nm4 W40 MHz6 ps
WL-SC400-22400 nm2 W20 MHz6 ps
WL-SCUV-32400 nm3 W40 MHz6 ps
WL-SCUV-1.52400 nm1.5 W20 MHz6 ps
ALP-710-745-SC745 nm400 mW20 MHz100 ps

IPG Photonics Corporation

Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
YLPP-xx-xx-xx1070 nm20 W700 kHz70 ps
YLS-XXXX (Compact)1080 nm2000 W--
YLS-XXXX1080 nm---
YLS-XXXX-TR1080 nm6000 W--
YLM-QCW1070 nm400 W--
YLM-QCW-MM1070 nm400 W--
YLR-xx1070 nm500 W--