Amonics Ltd.

: 14/F., Lee King Industrial Building, 12 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon
: 852 2428 9723
: 852 2428 9704

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Lasers of Amonics Ltd. are listed below.

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
APLS-11064 nm--1000 ns
AULLD series1000 mW--
AYDLS-11064 nm1 W--
AYDLS-51064 nm5 W--
AYDLS-101064 nm10 W--
AFL-XXXX-XX-X-XX(1064…1064 nm50 W100 kHz20 ns
AFL-XXXX-XX-X-XX(1550…1550 nm50 W100 kHz20 ns
AFSFL-PM-XXX-XXX-XX-X…1565 nm1 mW40 MHz600 fs
ADFB-XXXX-1010 mW--
ADFB-XXXX-2020 mW--
ADFB-XXXX-4040 mW--
AFSFL-PM-XXXX-XXX-10-…1565 nm10 mW40 MHz600 fs
AFSFL-PM-XXXX-XXX-100…1565 nm100 mW40 MHz600 fs
AFSFL-PM-XXXX-XXX-200…1565 nm200 mW40 MHz600 fs
AFSFL-PM-XXXX-XXX-300…1565 nm300 mW40 MHz600 fs

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