neoLASE GmbH

: Hollerithallee 8, , Hannover, D-30419
: 1970/01/01
: 49 511 2788 515
: 49 511 2788 100

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
Picosecond MOPA (Gain…1064 nm30 W20 MHz70 ps
Picosecond MOPA (Mode…1064 nm30 W20 MHz15 ps
Picosecond MOPA1064 nm30 W20 MHz60 ps
Nanosecond MOPA (1ns)1064 nm35 W9.6 kHz1 ns
Nanosecond MOPA (10-1…1064 nm35 W50 kHz15 ns
Nanosecond MOPA1064 nm35 W1 MHz100 ns

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