TOPTICA Photonics AG

: Lochhamer Schlag 19, , Graefelfing, D-82166
: 1995
: 150
: 49 89 85837 0
: 49 89 85837 200

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Lasers of TOPTICA Photonics AG are listed below.

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Model Wavelength Output Power Repetition Rate Pulse Width
FemtoFiber pro IR1560 nm350 mW80 MHz100 fs
FemtoFiber pro IRS1570 nm220 mW80 MHz40 fs
FemtoFiber pro NIR1560 nm350 mW80 MHz100 fs
FemtoFiber pro SCIR2200 nm150 mW80 MHz-
FemtoFiber pro UCP1400 nm30 mW80 MHz25 fs
FemtoFiber pro TVIS640 nm10 mW80 MHz1 ps
FemtoFiber pro TNIR1100 nm5 mW80 MHz200 fs
PicoFYb 10301030.5 nm +/-0.5 nm10 mW20 MHz10 ps
PicoFYb 10641064.3 nm +/-0.5 nm10 mW20 MHz6 ps
FemtoFYb 10301030.5 nm +/-0.5 nm0.5 mW20 MHz800 fs
FemtoFErb 15601560 nm +/-10 nm120 mW100 MHz80 fs
FemtoFErb 1560 Option…1560 nm +/-10 nm60 mW100 MHz80 fs
FemtoFErb 780780 nm50 mW100 MHz100 fs
FemtoFErb SC1250 nm10 mW80 MHz-
iChrome TVIS640 nm1.5 mW40 MHz3.5 ps

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